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Christening Candles

Christening Candles Image
These Christening Candles, in a growing range of designs, are the perfect keepsake for your child's Christening.

Choose from one of these beautiful and unique designs or click on Candle Designer to create your own personalised candle.
Christening Candles
Pink Cross 10" Image

Pink Cross 10"
Christening Candle Pink Cross 10x2"

Pink Cross 6" Image

Pink Cross 6"
Christening Candle Pink Cross 6"

Blue Cross 6" Image

Blue Cross 6"
Christening Candle Blue Cross 6x2"

Silver Cross 10" Image

Silver Cross 10"
Christening Candle Silver Cross 10x2"

Silver Cross 6" Image

Silver Cross 6"
Christening Candle Silver Cross 6x2"

Gold Cross 6" Image

Gold Cross 6"
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